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F32 435i xDrive Remote Coding in Vancouver, BC!  


Here we have another happy remote coding customer –  this time in Vancouver BC!   Meet Marty’s 2014 435i.  It’s sleek, sexy and full of options to enable via remote coding.  Some of the many options enabled were M Performance logo on Instrument Cluster and HUD,  Extended Bluetooth for Audio Streaming,  Bluetooth (MAP)  Message Access Profile,  Folding Mirrors with Comfort Access/Key Fob and also Tire Pressure and Temperature display on the iDrive system.

If you’re interested in having your vehicle remotely coded, feel free to contact us at info@codemybimmer.ca.  It doesn’t matter where you are,  we will have it done right at the comfort of your own home!  We service all of Canada as well as the United States.

November 2015 Our first LCI’s coded through Codemybimmer!  

LCI F30 Coding

LCI F30 Coding 2

The 2016 F30 LCI 3 series sedans are here and we have coded our first two vehicles!  Tom’s 2016 340i xDrive as well as my very own 2016 328i xDrive.  We are always ensuring that we have the latest technology to ensure that we can meet your coding needs.  We are also mobile within the GTA area so coming to you is usually no issue.  For anyone else outside of the Greater Toronto Area,  we offer Remote coding to anyone in North America!

Feature coded on both vehicles include

  • Extended Bluetooth for Mobile Office and 2nd Phone Support
  • Tail Lights are DRL (A must if you want to show off the new LCI Tailights)
  • Legal Disclaimer removal for startup and rear view camera
  • Unlock doors when engine is turned off
  • Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access or Key fob

If you just picked up a 2016 3 series,  give us a shout and we will have you coded in no time!

NBT Navigation Retrofits

image1 (4)

For those of you who are looking to have the OEM On Board Navigation System Retrofitted but don’t want to lose Satellite Radio or HD Radio,  we are down to our last two North American Spec’d NBT units.   All other NBT head units being offered on eBay and other providers are usually from Europe and do not have the Sirius XM Tuner embedded into the head unit.   With ours,  you will be able to enjoy Sirius XM as well as HD Radio even if your vehicle did not have this enabled prior to retrofitting.

We offer competitive pricing on OEM BMW On Board Navigation Retrofits.  To find out more,  feel free to contact us and be  sure to provide us with the last 7 digits of your VIN.


 September 11th 2015 

We would like to thank Ridha from Montreal, Quebec who is our first remote coding customer to retrofit Satellite Radio to his 2014 328d xDrive with the base HU_ENTRY head unit.  This is definitely a rare setup within Canada as satellite radio cannot be ordered as a standalone option.  If you purchased a base model 2,3 or 4 series without the premium package,  you can definitely still enjoy Satellite Radio.  All of our Satellite Radio retrofits are eligible for a 1 year free trial on the Sirius XM All Access package!  If you would like to find out more about our satellite radio retrofit,  click here.

Other goodies coded to this vehicle were Bluetooth Audio Streaming,  Mobile Office,  Second Bluetooth Device Profile,  Unlock doors when engine is turned off and Amber Side Marker delete.

Find out more about  Remote coding!


August 25th 2015

Today, we had the honor to remotely code Todd’s 2015 F23 M235i Cabriolet  in British Columbia.   As an F23 owner myself,  it’s good to know that there are other ones out there in the hands of enthusiasts like us.   Feature coded were Video in Motion,  Extended Bluetooth Package for 2015 models,  Office in Motion,  illuminating door handles when reversing,  digital speedometer on instrument cluster and and Nuance Speech to Text for Office.   Thanks Todd!

CIC 2016-1 Map Update

August 23, 2105 

2016 Map Updates for CIC and NBT are here!   Be one of the first to get it.  Vince in Toronto, Ontario is our first customer to update to North America 2016-1 PREMIUM on his 2012 328i RWD.  We also added the M Performance logo to his instrument cluster, digital speedometer,  Auto Start Stop indicator,  Changed Eco Pro Gauges to 2014 version, enabled launch control, Sport+ mode and TMC Traffic for use in the United States and of course folding mirrors via the remote or comfort access.

If you’re interested in having any of these awesome features added to your vehicle,  contact us on the website or send an email to info@codemybimmer.ca!


Tuesday August 18th 2015

Today, it was my pleasure to code one of the few limited production F32 M Performance Editions in Vaughan, Ontario.  This car was equipped with every M Performance exterior part including the Front Splitter,  Rear Spoiler and Diffuser and the awesome 20″  style 624 two tone wheels.  Our client had the 2015 Extended Bluetooth Package coded,  as well as Folding Mirrors,  Tail Lights as DRL and laminating door handles when reversing.  Thanks Ed!

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