BMW Remote Coding anywhere in the US and Canada


Andre is a recent BMW Remote Coding customer of codemybimmer and he had a multitude of features enabled on his 2015 M3 Cabriolet.  One of the most sought out options are the European Anti Dazzle High Beams and Variable Light Distribution.  This feature increases the intensity of the LED high beams as well as the low beams and actively uses the camera mounted on your rear view mirror to monitor the traffic ahead allowing you to leave your high beams on while not glaring traffic ahead of you.  The beams will shift according to the traffic conditions ahead of you allowing you to have greater visibility while not glaring others.  We also enabled this vehicle to have its exterior mirrors able to be folded in from the key fob as well as via Comfort Access as well as Video in Motion.

We offer a suite of remote coding features to anyone in Canada and the United States and offer unlimited coding for a flat rate.   We want your BMW to function at its fullest and we are always open to any special requests you have!   We offer hassle free Remote Coding where you do not need to worry about return shipping or paying by the feature.  Contact us to have your BMW Remote Coding Session today!  We have expert knowledge in every model of the BMW Lineup including M Vehicles,  BMW i vehicles, Alpina as well as Mini vehicles.  If you need coding help with your DIY retrofits or repairs,  we can definitely help!  Retrofitting NBT and reached a road block?  We will help you make it work.

We have provided BMW Remote Coding to Customers in Montreal, Quebec,  Vancouver, British Columbia,  Regina, Saskatchewan,  Edmonton, Alberta and to many US Cities including Baton Rouge, LA,  Atlanta, GA, San Diego, CA,  Staten Island, NY, Las Vegas, NV just to name a few!  If you are looking for experienced, professional and knowledgeable BMW Coders,  codemybimmer is your answer!

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