2016 BMW M2 Coding!

M2 Coding, M2 Remote Coding

BMW M2 Coding!   Remote and Local Coding Available for all models.

This stunning vehicle in long beach blue is one of the few delivered at a dealership in in Kitchener Ontario and our customer is glad to get hold of this car and to have it being coded.   Options enabled were Variable Light Distribution,  Anti Dazzle High Beams, Amber Side Marker removal,  Video in Motion,  Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access or Key Fob,  Turn off Radio when engine is turned off.

We offer an array of services and retrofits for your BMW from retrofits to coding and vehicle diagnostics!  If you’re looking to have your vehicle coded locally in Toronto or if want to have it done remotely from anywhere, check out our Remote Coding Service  or if you are in Toronto,  book an appointment today!

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