Navigation Map Updates, Sirius XM Radio and much more!

Over the past few months,  we have been working to enhance our quality of service to save our customers time and as such, we now proud offer the following new services to our lineup.

  • Local Vancouver Mobile Coding
  • Map Update USB + Activation Code for CIC and NBT Navigation systems
  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Map update USB + Activation Code

Updating your maps have never been easier!  Currently, we are the only business in Canada that offers a map update USB along with your VIN Specific activation code.   Our map updates apply for any BMW from model years 2009 – 2015.   Updating your maps have never been easier!  Just insert the USB stick and punch in the code provided to you.

For those who are more savvy with computers, we also offer a more cost effective solution where we provide the activation code for your VIN along with the download links directly from our website.  Delivery within 1 hour of purchase!

Many of our clients are realtors and are on the road all the time and staying up to date with the latest infrastructure and road changes can be tough.  Is your house not on the map due to the maps being too old?  Worry no more!  Our 2017 CIC/NBT Navigation update will likely cover it.   If for any reason you are not satisfied with the latest update, we can provide you with an additional code for the next release free of charge.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Did you buy a brand new or preowned BMW and only wish that it had Sirius XM? We know that BMW likes to bundle up many different options to specific packages and if you did not take a certain package ie: premium or executive and as such, your vehicle may not be equipped with Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  The good news is that all BMW vehicles from model year 2011 have the SA693 – Sirius XM Tuner Pre-wire and all you need is software activation.  Our Sirius XM Satellite radio package includes your VIN specific activation code ordered from BMW as well as the necessary programming.   All of our Sirius XM retrofits also are eligible for 1 year free service on the Sirius XM Select package.   Want to find out more?  Check out our Satellite Radio retrofit on our online store!

Mobile Coding Service in Vancouver

Out of popular demand, we decided to welcome a new local Vancouver coder to our team.  He will be handling most areas within the YVR area including Surrey, Coquitlam and Richmond.   Having your vehicle coded locally has never been easier.   We offer many options that can be enabled onto your BMW.

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