Plug and Play iDrive 6.0 Retrofits now available

What makes our iDrive retrofits better than the rest? It’s our pursuit of perfection.  We currently are the only provider that offer a 100% working iDrive 5/6  retrofit for select 2016 models.  Unlike what our competitors offer, you benefit from the following by choosing our iDrive 5/6 solution.

  • US Equipment supplied (You will not lose Sirius XM or HD Radio)
  • You can continue using your pre-existing ConnectedDrive Subscription
  • Plug and Play Installation for most vehicles
  • No Coding required (All coding takes place here before shipping the device to you)
  • Free Facetime/Phone Installation support


Just listen to what the folks at Bimmerpost have to say about our iDrive 5.0 retrofit.  You can check out the full thread on f30post.

” I’m please to report another successful ID5/ID6_lite retrofit in my 2016 F80 M3 which originally game with NBT EVO ID4. I think I’m the 3rd person running this retrofit from them now.

Awesome that all my features still work just like what Steve (at Codemybimmer) told me and the only hiccup I had initially was an error in pairing with my iPhone for CarPlay. It turned out to be a defective phone but Steve provided tons of tips to get it working and was emailing me back when I was blasting out emails at 3AM. Now that’s customer service!

Anyway, after getting a new phone from Apple, my iDrive and CarPlay works fine. One thing I noticed with ID5 was that I can access the Spotify app via BT instead of having to plug it in. I’m not sure if that is an ID5 feature or an enhanced bluetooth feature (stock didn’t have it), but it is awesome! Another thing I noticed is that ID6_lite doesn’t display all six tiles at once compared to the new G30s and even ID5, but I’m guessing they are running on full ID6.

Thanks again for loading up the latest firmware, I’ll probably hit you (Steve) up in the future to figure out how to get full ID6 running when the 2018s are out. “

William H, Texas USA 

“Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago I reached out to Steve at Codemybimmer to volunteer and be a guinea pig, so to speak, for this ID5 retrofit. Since my 2016 F30 is equipped with a few additional options such as Parking Assistant and Harman Kardon radio, I seemed like a good candidate to test if this ID4 to ID5 would be feasible. 

I’m pleased to report that this retrofit works flawlessly! 

All of my original options still function as intended and my car has not thrown any error codes. 

I went into this project with zero knowledge on how to swap out the head unit. If it wasn’t for short slack on the quad plug connector in the rear of the head unit, this retrofit could’ve been completed in less than 15 minutes. Literally, the only tools required are a T20 torx bit, a plastic trim spreader, and 10 mm socket/wrench for disconnecting the battery. 

I’ll upload some pictures of the swap and new interface later tonight.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!”

Michael P,  Kansas, USA 


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