6 Series

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Applicable Models

2012 – Present F12 (Coupe) 640i, 650i, M6 all xDrive and RWD Models
2012 – Present F13 (Convertible) 640i, 650i, M6 all xDrive and RWD Models
2013 – Present F06 (Grand Coupe) 640i, 650i, M6 all xDirve and RWD Models

General Coding Features

Fold mirrors with comfort access or key fob
Roll up windows with key fob
Auto start stop last user memory
Digital speedometer on instrument cluster
Enable video in motion
Remove Speedlock restriction for Mobile office
Remove idrive legal disclaimer
Remove legal disclaimer for cameras
Unlock doors when engine is turned off
Enable Xvid, OCG and Xvcd format codecs for video in motion  (2014+ only)
Blinkers on HUD
Entertainment list on HUD
Phone activity on HUD
Disable Active sound design (Artificial Engine Noises)
Change startup emblem to M logo (2014+ only)
Change startup gong/pdc stereo set to Mini/BMW/Rolls Royce (2014+ Only)
Tire pressure and temp display (Only for US cars)
Allow windows to roll up with door open
Enable Dynamic brake force display on tail lights
Prep Coding for Touch Controller Retrofit
Front PDC delete for vehicles with retrofitted bumpers with no sensors
Enable TMC Traffic Info for Canadian vehicles to use in the US
Allow High Beams and Fog lights to be used at the same time


Extended Bluetooth Coding (2015 and 2016 models only)

Mobile Office (Text and Emails will display on your iDrive screen)
Allow up to two phones to be paired to the iDrive system
Enable Nuance Speech to Text for Mobile Office

Available Retrofits


Touch Controller Retrofit for 2014 6 Series Models

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