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Remote coding available to anyone within Canada and the United States.  We also offer mobile onsite coding services anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area for local customers.

2016 M5 Coding Session in Vaughan Ontario


Here we have the very last manual transmission F10 M5 manufactured for the North American market to a very special customer in Vaughan Ontario. Coded options included Mobile Office, 2nd Bluetooth Handset, Close trunk with key fob, close trunk with footwell button, fold mirrors with comfort access or key fob. Thanks Steven!!!

2015 M4 Cabriolet Remote Coding Session 


Andre’s 2015 M4 Cabriolet was recently remote coded by us and this is a beauty! Custom coding options included Euro Anti Dazzle High Beams, Variable Light Distribution, Brake Force Flashing and many more. We specialize in coding BMW and Mini vehicles across the entire model range. Feel free to reach out to us to have your BMW customized!

2016 X4M 40i Coding in Toronto


Here we have our first beautiful X4 M40i in stunning Long Beach Blue locally coded in Toronto, Ontario. Straight from the showroom of BMW Toronto and this car is loaded with options!  Features enabled were Folding Mirrors via Comfort Access or key fob,  Enable closing of the rear hatch via the key fob.  USB video,  Mobile Office and Additional Telephone.  Thanks Daniel!!!

2016 M2 Remote coding session in London Ontario


Here we have our very first M2 remotely coded for a client in London, Ontario!  The client wanted Active Sound Designed turned off so that he could enjoy the true sound of the vehicle.  Other features coded were Folding Mirrors via Key Fob or Comfort Access,  Brake Force Lights, Digital Speedometer and Video over USB.  If you have a brand new 2016 or 2017 model vehicle,  we will customize it according to your needs!

Brand New 2015 i3 Local Coding Session in Markham, ON 

i3 coding

Just coded Kevin’s brand new 2015 BMW i3 in Markham Ontario!  This little car is crazy fast and definitely changes the way I feel about electric vehicles in the BMW i brand all together. Features coded to this vehicle were  AM Radio,  legal disclaimers off,  Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access or Key Fob, Roll up Windows with comfort access or key fob,  Video in Motion,  enabling all video codecs and enabling all codecs for USB Video.

March 2016 340i xDrive Remote Coding in Coquitlam BC 

Front corner full March 2016

Just finished a late night remote coding session on Adrian’s 2016 BMW340i xDrive from Coquitlam, BC!   A late time slot was requested by the client and here at Codemybimmer,  we value your time and will do everything it takes to accommodate your schedule.  Coding features enabled were Folding Mirrors via Comfort Access or Key Fob,  Digital Speedometer on Instrument Cluster,  Enable Enhanced Bluetooth (Mobile Office and Telephone 2),   M Performance logo on instrument cluster,  M animated splash screen on startup,   Brake Force Display,  removal of legal disclaimers and unlocking of the doors when the engine is turned off.   Have your Bimmer Remotely coded today!

February 2016 Austin Yellow F80 Remote Coding in Montreal


Here we have another beautiful 2016 F80 M3 remotely coded for our client in Montreal Quebec in its stunning Austin Yellow exterior! Some of the options coded were the rear fog light switch retrofit,tail lights as DRL, Enhanced Bluetooth for Mobile Office, Telephone 2, removal of all legal disclaimers, video in motion, folding of the mirrors via the key fob & comfort access and brake force display on tail lights.

No matter where you are, we have you covered! Book a remote coding appointment with us today!


January 2016  LCI Tail Light Retrofit Remote Coding in Montreal

LCI Tail Light Retrofit

Here we have this beautiful 2015 F80 M3 belonging to one of our many satisfied remote coding clients,  this time in Pierrefonds, Quebec!  Our client had the 2016 LCI Tail Lights retrofitted and we were able to have this the retrofit coding done remotely.   No more flickering at start up and no errors on the dash,  Other options coded to this vehicle were Mobile Office, Enabling Telephone 2,  Folding Mirrors via the Key Fob or Comfort Access,  Tail Lights as DRL and activation of rear fogs.   If you’ve installed aftermarket bulbs or changed to LCI Tail Lights,  codemybimmer is always here to help with your BMW coding needs!




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