Will coding void my warranty? 

Coding has no effect on your factory warranty. If you receive a software update due to a service bulletin or a recall, your vehicle will likely be returned to its factory specification and you will need the vehicle recoded.  This does not apply to our Satellite Radio or BMW Apps those are factory level retrofits.

Is there any risk of damage in the coding process? 

There is no risk of damage to your vehicle during the coding process.

The coding has been reset due to a repair/recall at the dealer.  What is next? 

If your vehicle is reprogrammed at the dealer due to a  control unit replacement or recall,  the recoding fee is a flat rate of $50.  In some cases, if an extensive amount of coding is needed and the session is anticipated to take more than an hour,  you may be asked to place a new order instead.

What if I only want one or two options? 

You can choose from just one option up to as many as you prefer.

I’m only available after 5pm or during the evening for remote coding, do you take evening appointments?

Most definitely.  Just let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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