Split screen to Fullscreen Apple CarPlay upgrade

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Are you running on iOS 13 and wished that you could use the split screen functionality of Apple CarPlay to its full potential? Use Apple CarPlay on the full dimensions of your 8.8″ or 10.25″ display and improve your Apple CarPlay experience on your BMW!


  • iDrive 5.0 or iDrive 6.0
  • Pre-activated Apple Carplay through ConnectedDrive subscription
  • Vehicle firmware must be N, O for installation via USB  or P, Q, R, S, U, V  for  cable installation

Does this give me Apple CarPlay if I don’t have it available on my vehicle? 

You must have pre-existing Apple CarPlay option (6CP)  in order to be able to use this product.   This will NOT enable Apple CarPlay for you if you do not already have it from factory or ordered through the ConnectedDrive store.

How to check if your vehicle is compatible 

Open the map interface of your vehicle,  and hit OPTION on your iDrive controller and scroll down to position and version.    Check the letter after NBTevo_ and if it is N or O,  you can have this activated over USB or if it is P, Q, R, S, U or V ,  you can have fullscreen Apple CarPlay activated via ENET cable.

I do not have a compatible version.  Can I still upgrade?  

Contact us  to inquire about other options as we do have other solutions available.

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