BMW Remote Coding (US and Canada)

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BMW Remote Coding Services available anywhere in the United States and Canada!  Our specialists will cover all of your coding needs from retrofits coding down to convenience added function like folding mirrors with key fob or allow your convertible top to close with the key fob. Coding sessions usually take an hour including setup and the programming itself.


You have a lot of options on the list do all of these option typically get applied or can I pick and choose? 

It is not required to take every option on the list.   After placing your order, you will be provided with a list of options applicable specifically to your vehicle and you can choose any number of options you like to have programmed to your vehicle.  

How will we communicate throughout the session? 

Your assigned coder will contact you over the phone to walk you through the setup and also to discuss the options you would like to have coded.  

How long will shipping take?

All US and Canadian Remote Coding orders are fulfilled via Amazon and shipped domestically within the USA or Canada so you will receive your cable within 2 days of placing your order.  Once you receive your cable, you can book an appointment with us even on the same day.   If you are located outside of North America,  we also ship internationally via DHL from Hong Kong to any region (additional costs will apply).   If shipping is not feasible and you are able to procure your own ENET cable, you can opt out of purchasing on upon checkout.

I live in a condo/apartment.  How can we do this and what are the speed/bandwidth requirements?  

Access to a Wi-Fi connection is preferred but you can always use the Mobile Hot Spot on your phone if there is no Wi-Fi accessibility outside.   Generally, we code via VPN so a fibre connection is not absolutely required.  The minimum speed needed for a remote coding session would be 5mbps.

Do I need to keep my vehicle connected to a battery maintainer/power source? 

For basic coding, this will not be required as the sessions typically take 45 minutes or less.  We do recommend that you leave the engine running as some modules will only respond when the engine is running.   This also ensures that the vehicle does not sleep throughout the process.

What will I need from my end for remote coding?

You will need a Windows based laptop with a built in Ethernet port or have the necessary adapters on hand (USB or USB-C to Ethernet).   We do not recommend using corporate or work laptops as these often require administrative rights and these type of laptops often have group policies in place which will prevent us from connecting to your vehicle.   

Can I use a Mac? 

Mac OS based laptops can be used provided that they run on Intel processors but you will need to be able to run Windows on a virtual machine application such as Parallels or VMware or be able to run Windows directly via Bootcamp.   When placing your order, please be sure to indicate that you are using a Mac so that we can provide you with the additional instructions.  

M1 and M2 based Mac OS devices are NOT compatible. 

Can I use a Chromebook or an ipad? 

Chromebooks or ipads will not work as these use mobile based operating systems are are not compatible with the tools we use.  

How is remote coding carried out?

We use Team Viewer to remote control into your laptop and code the vehicle from there over your wireless internet connection via our VPN.

What kind of coding does this cover?

Generally, all of our BMW Remote Coding sessions cover all convenience options and also retrofit options like coding for aftermarket audio system retrofits, removal of flickering on various light bulb changes (High Beam, Low Beam, Turn Signals, DRL).  iDrive options such as Enhanced Bluetooth (Bluetooth Audio Stream, Mobile Office) and Video in Motion  are also included in our unlimited package. For more advanced options like head unit replacement or more sophisticated retrofits, additional fees may apply.   We try to make the best of your coding session so most features are covered within one session.

Do I have to send the cable back to you?

No. The cable is yours to keep in case you need the vehicle coded again in the future or if you have additional BMW Remote coding needs later on.

I have a very specific request and it is not listed on the general coding list.  Will this apply? 

If you have a specific request relating to a retrofit or a repair,  please check out out repair/retrofit related coding products as this will cover a range of services from head unit replacements,   control unit replacements,  headlight calibration,  6WB instrument cluster coding and EDC deletes.   This product is for general convenience related coding and does  NOT cover retrofit or repair related items.  

Level 1 Remote Support Session 

  • 6WB Multi Function Display Instrument Cluster retrofit
  • EDC Delete (Chassis Stabilisation Restricted Error from coil over or aftermarket suspension)
  • Trailer Hitch Retrofit  X3 and X5
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • FRM Replacement for F10, F12, F13, F25
  • RDC Delete (TMPS Delete or RDC Module Replacement)
  • Carly/BimmerCode Restore Failure (The coding of the ECU failed and the data may be corrupted message)
  • Recalibrate Reverse/Side View Cameras
  • Quidzel TJA adapter coding for BMW i3, X5 etc

Level 2 Remote Support Session 

  • Replace faulty CIC or NBT head unit
  • ICM Replacement (Integrated Chassis Management)
  • EPS (Steering Rack)
  • Control Unit Flash (Not including NBT EVO as this would fall under level 3)
  • Race Seat Retrofit
  • LCI/LCI2  Headlight Retrofit  (F3x and F8x)
  • LCI Tail Light Retrofit  (F3x and F8x)

Level 3 Remote Support Session 

  • NBT EVO Retrofit ID5/ID6
  • Flash NBT EVO Head unit to newer firmware to have Fullscreen Apple CarPlay Support
  • Restore bricked NBT EVO head unit due to faulty installation/coding
  • Salvage Vehicle Rebuild
  • Flood Damage Repair

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