BMW Remote Coding (US and Canada)

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BMW Remote Coding Services available anywhere in the United States and Canada!  Our specialists will cover all of your coding needs from retrofits coding down to convenience added function like folding mirrors with key fob or allow your convertible top to close with the key fob. Coding sessions usually take an hour including setup and the programming itself.


You guys are in Canada, I’m in the States, how long will shipping take?

All US Remote Coding orders are fulfilled via Amazon and shipped domestically within the United States so you will receive your cable within 2 days of placing your order.  Once you receive your cable, you can book an appointment with us even on the same day.  Canadian orders also also shipped via Amazon and typically take 2 days for delivery.

I live in a condo/apartment.  How can we do this?

Access to a Wi-Fi connection is preferred but you can always use the Mobile Hot Spot on your phone if there is no Wi-Fi accessibility outside.

What will I need from my end for remote coding?

You will need a Windows or Mac laptop equipped with an Ethernet Port and 4GB of RAM.  If you have a newer generation Macbook, you may need a Thunderbolt or USB to Ethernet adapter to work with our cable.  You will also need a wireless internet or Mobile Hot Spot connection that can reach the vehicle from the outside.

How is remote coding carried out?

We use Team Viewer to remote control into your laptop and code the vehicle from there over your wireless internet connection via our VPN.

What kind of coding does this cover?

Generally, all of our BMW Remote Coding sessions cover all convenience options and also retrofit options like coding for aftermarket audio system retrofits, removal of flickering on various light bulb changes (High Beam, Low Beam, Turn Signals, DRL).  iDrive options such as Enhanced Bluetooth (Bluetooth Audio Stream, Mobile Office) and Video in Motion  are also included in our unlimited package. For more advanced options like head unit replacement or more sophisticated retrofits, additional fees may apply.   We try to make the best of your coding session so most features are covered within one session.

Do I have to send the cable back to you?

No. The cable is yours to keep in case you need the vehicle coded again in the future or if you have additional BMW Remote coding needs later on.

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