Level 1 Retrofit/Repair Support Session

USD$100.00 USD$75.00

Hire an expert to help you with the coding on your DIY retrofit/repair project.



Have a retrofit/project that requires a replacement/additional control unit to be encoded?  Our Experts can definitely help with this remotely via our robust remote coding system.   All you need is a Windows or a Mac OS laptop and an ENET cable.

No need to download sophisticated software or pay for diagnostic software online.   Our experts will be on the phone and work with you to ensure that your retrofit/repair project is properly coded and will answer any questions you have relating to the retrofit.

What does a Level 1 session cover? 

Typically,  Level 1 sessions do not require a control unit to be flashed and only require an option code change and encoding of one module.

Some of examples include the following

*  6WB Multi Function Display Instrument Cluster retrofit
*  EDC Delete (Coil overs/Aftermarket Suspension)
*  Trailer Hitch Retrofit  X3 and X5
*  Fuel Pump Replacement
*  FRM Replacement for F10, F12, F13, F25
*  RDC Delete (TMPS Delete or RDC Module Replacement)
*  Carly/BimmerCode Restore Failure (Corrupt ECU)
*  Recalibrate Reverse/Side View Cameras
*  Quidzel TJA adapter coding for BMW i3, X5 etc

Options that are not listed may be applicable as well so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

How long does a Level 1 retrofit/repair session take?

Level 1 sessions typically take 30 minutes to an hour.  If you are using Mac OS,  additional time to setup may be required.

What happens if you are not successful in rectifying the issue or coding in the retrofit? 

We will work with you to try and rectify the issue and in some cases,  a follow up session may be necessary at no additional cost.  If we are ultimately unable to rectify your issue,  you will receive a refund minus $25 for the technician’s time.

What if I need more than one Level 1 Coding Item?  

Depending on the amount of time required,  we may be able to include multiple items but in most cases,  multiple Level 1 tasks would be considered a Level 2 Repair/Retrofit Coding Session.

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