Sirius XM Satellite Radio Retrofit

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Purchased your vehicle without the premium package and missed out on the Sirius Satellite Radio option?  We offer a Satellite Radio Retrofit along with the necessary programming at less than 50% dealer pricing.

More than 200 channels available at your fingertips with 24 hour commercial free programming. Most BMW radios are eligible for a 1 year trial on the Select Package.

If you are unsure about whether or not this is applicable to your vehicle,  please feel free to reach out to us with the last 7 digits of your VIN.

Applicable vehicles 

2 Series Coupe  2014-Present   228i, M235i, 230i, M240i  F22
3 Series Sedan  2012-Present   328i, 330i, 340i, M340i   F30/F31/F34/G20
4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe  2014-Present 428i, 430i, 435i, 440i  F32/F36
5 Series Sedan  2011-Present 528i, 535i, 530i, 540i, M550i  F10/F07/G30

X3/X4 2011-Present  28i, 35i, 30i, M40i  F25/F26, G01/G02
X5 2014-Present  35i, 50i, 40i,  F15, G05
X6 2015-Present  35i, M40i,  F16, G06
X1 2016-Present  28i, 35i,  F48
X2 2018-Present  28i, 35i   F39

Mini Cooper  2014-Present (Including S and John Cooper Works)    F56
Mini Clubman 2015-Present  F54
Mini Countryman  2017-Present   F60

i3  2014-Present  Rex and Standard Models   i001

*** Not compatible with convertibles or E platform vehicles 


Does Sirius XM Satellite Radio Retrofit require me to install any sort of hardware or take apart anything? 

All BMW vehicles manufactured after 2011 have the Sirius XM Satellite Tuner embedded into the head unit and pre-wired to your roof antenna. Enabling the functionality requires a digital certificate issued to your VIN and the necessary programming. You will not be required to take apart any panels or add additional hardware.  If your vehicle is a convertible however, you will need to install an additional antenna.

What will I need from my end for remote coding?

You will need a Windows or Mac laptop equipped with an Ethernet Port and 4GB of RAM (8GB if using Mac OS).  If you have a newer generation Macbook, you may need a Thunderbolt or USB to Ethernet adapter to work with our cable.  You will also need a wireless internet or Mobile Hot Spot connection that can reach the vehicle from the outside.

How is remote coding carried out?

We use Team Viewer to remote control into your laptop and code the vehicle from there over your wireless internet connection while you watch.  The software setup is all taken car of by your coding specialist so there is nothing else required on your part.


How does this Sirius XM Satellite Radio Retrofit different from the one offered at the dealership? 

This is the same factory retrofit that you would have done at the dealer.  The only difference is that you pay less for the labor and benefit by having the same level of service at the comfort of your own home.

How long does the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Retrofit take? 

We will need 24 hours turnaround time to order the digital certificate for your VIN.  If you are opting to have the programming done remotely,  we can have the programming session right when you receive your ENET cable in the mail.

I live in Toronto.  Is there any way we can have the programming done locally? 

Yes, if you live in Toronto you can meet our local coder in person instead.

Do I get free Sirius XM service after completing this retrofit? 

Since your radio has never been activated before, you will eligible for a trial anywhere from 3-12 months on the Sirius XM Select Package.  If you want to upgrade to All Access,  there will be additional fees but these will be calculated on top of the credit you have from the free trial.

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