Remote Coding

We value your time which is why we strive to make our services available to anyone anywhere North America.  No need to drive to nearest major city or to find a local coder in your area.  Codemybimmer offers remote coding services anywhere in North America and around the world.

How does it work? 

We offer a very competitive remote coding package for USD$125 or CAD$150  which includes your very own ENET adapter (yours to keep)  and unlimited coding options.  All you would need is a Windows Laptop and a Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot connection that can reach your car.  Just sit back while we do all the work!

Remote Coding

What do you need from my end? 

You will need your own Cat5 cable to connect to our adapter and a Windows Laptop with at least 2GB of RAM.  You will also need a Wi-Fi internet connection or Mobile Hotspot with reception outside or wherever your vehicle is parked.  If you live in an apartment,  your best solution would to either use your Mobile Hotspot or drive to a nearby Starbucks with free Wi-Fi.   Yes,  it may seem weird but we have had clients do that.

Can I use my Macbook? 

Generally speaking, the software we use is not compatible with Mac OS.  You can use a VM  to create a Windows environment but we have encountered issues where our clients cannot keep a Wi-Fi connection and be connected to the vehicle via Ethernet at the same time.  We strongly recommend borrowing a Windows laptop from a friend or neighbour if you have no other alternative.

What are the fees? 

USD$125 or CAD$150 covers your ENET adapter and unlimited coding options. Premium options such as anti dazzle high beams, variable light distribution as well as Enhanced Bluetooth are also included if applicable to your vehicle. The adapter is yours to keep in case you need the vehicle recoded in the future or if you would like to refer a friend.  If you would like a map update, we can also provide you with the enable code at a discounted price!


What happens when my vehicle gets reprogrammed at the dealer?  

If your vehicle is reprogrammed at the dealership resulting from a major repair or recall,  we will gladly recode your vehicle free of charge within 1 year of the initial coding session.  After the 1 year period,  it is $50 to re-apply the coding.  Please note that dealer updates are rare and it is unlikely that your vehicle will encounter more than one in its lifetime.


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