Remote BMW Coding anywhere in the USA and Canada for $120 with free ENET cable.

Are you in need of some programming to your BMW to enable functionality such as Enhanced Bluetooth  (Bluetooth Audio Streaming,  Mobile Office) or just wanted to turn off some annoying features like the dreaded non-stop seat belt chime?  Finding a coder near you can be tough if you live in a really suburban area that is far from the nearest town.  Why drive miles to the next town when you can have your car coded at the comfort of your own home?   CodeMyBimmer is here to help!

Why choose us?   

  • We offer free ENET cables for anyone who uses our service.  This is yours to keep in case you need the vehicle recoded in the future or if you need additional vehicles coded.  No need to buy one yourself or to pay a deposit.
  • Fast delivery –  usually within 5-7 business days
  • Set price of $120 also includes premium options like Anti Dazzle High Beams,  Enhanced Bluetooth,  Launch control  if applicable to your vehicle
  • We have worked on over 300 vehicles and have just about every Chassis from 2007-2016 covered including Mini’s, Alpina and BMW i vehicles.  We have coded vehicles remotely from New York, Virginia, Arizona, California,  Washington,  Missouri, Florida,  New Jersey,  Nebraska, Illinois, New Brunswick, Quebec,  British Columbia and Alberta and even as far as New Zealand!
  • Aftermarket turn signals, fog lights flickering?  No Problem!  We can make it error free
  • 1 year warranty per car in case your vehicle loses its coding due to a major repair at the dealership or a recall
  • Set price for unlimited features.  We do not charge per option as that can get really expensive and want your vehicle to perform at its peak.

Remote Coding

Have your car coded remotely in 8 easy steps!  



  1. Contact us via our website with the last 7 digits of your VIN
  2. We will contact you within an hour with a customized list of options that is applicable to your vehicle.
  3. We will send you a PayPal invoice for 50% of the coding package and have your ENET adapter sent to you the same day along with a tracking number.
  4. Once you receive your package, contact us to schedule a time for your coding session.
  5. Have your Windows Laptop (Or Mac with Windows VM)  ready and download Team Viewer and be ready to provide us with the user ID and password.  We will connect to your laptop and start configure it for the coding session.
  6. Connect the adapter we sent you to the OBD port of your vehicle and run the cat5 cable from the adapter over to your laptop.
  7. Let us do the work.   Coding sessions take between 15-20 minutes!
  8. Pay the remainder of the 50% on your invoice.

Pricing and coding options

We charge $120 for unlimited coding and you get the ENET cable free of charge!   Shipping ranges from $10-$15 based on where you are located.  Payments are made in two installments.  Your first PayPal invoice will be for $50 + Shipping.   After your coding session, a second invoice for the remaining 50% will be sent to you.

Please see below for the coding options available.  Map updates are not included in the unlimited coding price but packaged pricing is available.

2 Series (2014-Current F22/F23)   3 Series (2012-Current F30/F31/F34)     4 Series (2014-Present F32/F33/F36)   5 Series (2011 – Current F10/F07)    6 Series (2012-Current F12/F13/F06)    7 Series (2009-2015 F01/F02)    X3/X4 (2011-Current F25/F26)    X5/X6 (2014-Current F15/F16)

Listen to what some of our satisfied customers have to say!   


“I Highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to do remote coding.  I was skeptical at first to do the remote coding but everything worked out well and I love all the new features in my F30.  Steve is very knowledgeable and will guide you through the whole process.  He is also prompt with responding to e-mails.  Overall experience was great and really good customer service.  Thanks Steve. ” 

Crazelle, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   2015 F30 328i xDrive 


” Steve was very professional and a pleasure to work with to code my 328XD.  He was patient and helped guide me thru the process.  He was able to remotely enable several functions (in my opinion) should be automatically enabled in the BMW (but that’s a complaint about BMW not Steve) as well to update the map to the 2015 version. Both coding changes and map updates improve the driving experience which is already positive.  

I would strongly recommend Steve for those who are willing to participate in the process for remote coding as some user (e.g. owner) support is required but Steve will guide you thru the steps. 

Bruce,  Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA   2014 F30 328d xDrive 


“Just took a short drive and found everything working great! Thank you for your great service and expertise, and for working through the little issues with my old laptop. “

Bob,  St Louis, Missouri, USA        2014 F22 228i Coupe


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