F Chassis Coding



MY2009+ F01/F02 740i, 750i, 760i, Active Hybrid 7 (All Wheel bases, XDrive or RWD)
MY2011+ F25 X3 28i, X3 35i
MY2011+ F10/F07 528i, 535i, 550i, M5, Active Hybrid 5 (All RWD and XDrive models)
MY2011+ F12/F13/F06 640i, 650i, M6 (All RWD and XDrive models)
MY2012+ F30/F31/F34 320i, 328i, 335i, 328d,340i, Active Hybrid 3 (All RWD and XDrive models)
MY2014+ F32/F33/F36 428i, 435i (All RWD and XDrive models)
MY2014+ F22/F23 228i, M235i (All RWD and XDrive models)
MY2014+ F15 X5 35d, X5 35i, X5 50i
MY2015+ F16 X6 35i, X6, 50i
MY2015+ F26 X4 28i, X4 35i
MY2015+ F80/F82/F83,F85,F86 M3, M4 (Coupe and Covertible), X5M, X6M
MY2015+ i001 i3, i8
MY2014+ F56 Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S



Each code is $20 up to a maximum of $100 for unlimited features. For better value, you can select from one of our many packages.

$60 Extended Bluetooth package for 2015 models
$80 Extended Bluetooth package for 2012-2014 models
$100 Unlimited coding features*
$150 Unlimtied coding features* plus map update for CIC or NBT

*Includes Extended Bluetooth if applicable



Turn off amber side marker on headlights (F30 and F31 only)
Fold mirrors with comfort access or key fob
Roll up windows with key fob
Auto start stop last user memory
Change Eco Pro gauges to 2014 version
Digital speedometer on instrument cluster
Enable video in motion
Remove Speedlock restriction for Mobile office
Close trunk with key fob or button by driver side footwell (for 5,6 and 7 series only)
Luminating door handles when reversing (F32/F33 4 series)
Remove idrive legal disclaimer
Remove legal disclaimer for cameras
M performance logo on instrument cluster
Enable volume pop up bar for pre-2014 NBT equipped vehicles
Enable Siri Eyes free for pre-2014 NBT vehicles
Enable Android BMW Apps support for pre-2014 NBT vehicles
Unlock doors when engine is turned off
Tail lights as DRL
Enable Xvid, OCG and Xvcd format codecs for video in motion
Blinkers on HUD
Entertainment list on HUD
Phone activity on HUD
Start car in Eco Pro mode
Enable Auto start stop indicator for 2012 model series
Disable Active sound design (Artificial Engine Noises)
Change startup emblem to M logo (For vehicles equipped with NBT navigation)
Change startup gong/pdc stereo set to Mini/BMW/Rolls Royce
Tire pressure and temp display (Only for US cars and some Canadian 2014+ models with M Performance wheel packages)
Allow windows to roll up with door open
Retrofit coding for paddle shift operation
Enable variable light distribution on headlights
Enable EURO High Beam Assist
Enable Dynamic brake lights on US vehicles (F30, F32)
Prep Coding for Touch Controller Retrofit
Front PDC delete for vehicles with retrofitted bumpers with no sensors
Increase heated seats temperature
Move clock over to right side of instrument cluster for models before 2015



Allow up to two phones to be paired to iDrive
Enable track seach/browsing via Bluetooth
Mobile Office
Enable Dragon Drive Speech Dictation (Requires Connected Drive Professional Package)



Bluetooth Audio streaming
Mobile office (Read text messages off the idrive screen)
Allow a second mobile phone to be paired
Enable album art covers via USB
Enable USB port in armrest to work with your smartphone

*Not applicable on all vehicles. Requires On Board Navigation system if your vehicle is a 2012/2013 model. Will work on any 2014+ model with or without navigation. Please inquire with VIN.



If you did not take sport automatic transmission option with your vehicle, this can be coded! Package includes the following:

Sport+ Mode enabled
Sport Automatic Transmission coding (Faster shift times)
Instrument cluster coding for sport+ display
Enable Launch Control (For pre-2014 models)
Pre-coding for paddle shifter retrofit

*Please note that your vehicle will need to be assessed for compatibility as some features such as launch control require a minimum software level. If your vehicle received an update after 09/13, your car should be compatible.




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