iDrive Map Update

2016-2 Maps are now available for all CIC and NBT Navigation systems

The 2016-1 updates keeps your car up to date with all new roads that are being built, new points of interest being added, and addresses so that you will be able to navigate to all your favourite places in North America.

Which version do I have?

From the Main Menu, go to Navigation, then press options and scroll down to Navigation information. In there, it will tell you which version you have like pictured below. There is Move, Motion, Premium or Next. Please make sure you obtain the correct 2016-1 version as they are not cross compatible.  If you are unsure of which version of the map you are on,  you can always provide us with the last 7 digits of your VIN and we can find out for you. 


 Premium maps are associated with CIC and is usually present on most vehicles manufactured before July 2013.

North America NEXT

NEXT maps are  for NBT Based Navigation system and can be found on the 2013 5 and 7 series and on all model years 2014 and after.


If you have EVO, you would be on the NBT2 system and  you do not require manual map updates as your vehicle would have 3 years of free OTA (Over the Air) Map updates.  This Navigation system is available on the 2015 2 series cabriolet manufactured from November 2014, the 2 series coupe manufactured from March 2015 and several other models such as the 3 and 4 series for the 2016 model year.



Road Map North America PREMIUM 2016-1 $60
Road Map North America NEXT 2016-1 $60

Please note that we also have packaged pricing with map updates included if you have your vehicle coded!  Map updates can be done alongside with remote coding.




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